What is web design?

New websites

Web design is a process of combining graphic design and script to create new websites. The process can have multiple phases. However, some designers may not follow all of them.

Graphic design

It is recommended to start with a graphic mockup of the new website. A graphic design provides visuals of different page styles, elements, colors and fonts. The mockup can be done in any graphic editor. A designer that creates graphic mockups for websites should know how the next step in the web design process works in order to create useful designs.

From graphic design to website

Once the graphic design is completed and accepted, the web designer will create individual web elements and start writing the script for the new website. The script ties together graphic elements, text and the styles, so browsers can display the new website to viewers. The final web design should look very close to the graphic mockups with the functionality of a website. Some graphic editors have the capability of converting the graphics to script and can generate all website elements. Depending on the website complexity, additional scripting or more advanced coding may have to be done. That elevates the web design process to the next level.


The basic script used in the web design process is HTML and CSS. The script will make the website work in any browser, on any computer, without the need of having a server host. HTML is the script recognized by all browsers. CSS is the script that gives the website style.

Existing websites

Web design for an existing website includes changing the script and page elements. Included in the web design work are changes of the following nature:

  • text
  • images
  • styling
  • colors and fonts
  • script

Why do you need web design for an existing website?

A website is mainly used to provide information to website visitors and business customers. Business and website owners may want to provide updated information to their customers and website visitors. The updates can be in the form of text, images, forms, surveys, changes in products and services, etc. Style changes may also be needed from time to time, based on the feedback received from visitors and customers.

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