Hackers Use Ransomware To Extort Money From U.S. Businesses

A new article published today by KrebsonSecurity about the hacking of the San Francisco rail system re-confirms that foreign hackers use ransomware to extort money from U.S. businesses. The hacker in the Krebs article has been extorting money from different companies in the amounts of tens or hundred of thousands of dollars. Read the entire article on KrebsonSecurity.com

Sometimes we may think that, my company is not big enough to catch a hacker’s interest. Wrong. No company is too small or too big for a hacker to extort money from. As the hacking impact may be different for each company, it is interfering with the business operations. It is important that additional security measures are taken to accessing company database and files. Additionally, if you received a ransom request after an attacked, report it immediately to the FBI. Each reporting can be used to identifying the bad guys.

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