LVWS License & Copyright Notice

LVWS License

Any artwork and/or code developed by Las Vegas Website Solutions becomes the ownership of the Customer after paid in full by Customer, unless otherwise specified in a separate agreement. After paid in full, Customer becomes “full owner” of the content delivered. Customer, as “full owner”, may modify, sell or transfer the content delivered as Customer deems necessary. The content delivered cannot be used, sold or modified by others without prior written notice from Las Vegas Website Solutions or by the Customer, as “full owner”. Any changes made by Customer, as “full owner”, are not covered under this license notice. Any changes made by others than the Las Vegas Website Solutions, after the ownership transfer, are not covered under this license notice.

Copyright Notice

All items marked with ©LVWS are the property of Las Vegas Website Solutions LLC, a Nevada Limited Liability Company (herein LVWS), and cannot be reproduced, modified, used without prior written approval from LVWS.