New Phishing Scam: Missed Voicemail

Criminal hackers are constantly trying to trick people into clicking on links or open attachments they did not ask for. Their new “scam of the week” is to send you an email that looks like it comes from WhatsApp and claims it is a voice mail left for you. It’s not.

Do not click on the “Play” button. If you do, your computer will get infected with malware which can cause your identity to get stolen, or all your (or the organization’s) files held for ransom.

Here is a general safety rule: Instead of clicking a link in an unverified email claiming it’s from WhatsApp (or any other social media) log in to your WhatsApp account the standard way instead and check for any messages there. Remember: “When in doubt, throw it out!”

SEO Trends in 2017

Hot to keep up with search engines, especially with Google seems to have been the most important question for a while now in SEO world. World of search is changing every year and, as SEO, you must always keep up with the latest updates and algorhythm changes.

Position zero

For some of you, “position zero” has become a main target for those of you keen to improve the brand awareness. Not only you will have to keep optimizing your website indexing or content, but you will also have to markup your content so that search engines better understand the context.

Instant answers, cards and Knowledge Panel has become part of search experience as Google will provide more and more answers to the query without being forced to click on a website anymore. This thing can help some websites, while others may lose important SEO traffic.

Search intent

Search intent has also become a very important factor for search engines as they better and better understand the behavior behind each search experience. Reason for which, Google doesn’t show volume number for plenty of general queries so that advertisers don’t spend too much on them. Yes, conversion rate that follows each search experience has become more important than ever for search engines.

Search intent will also improve searchers experience as – say – looking for “music apps” may represent a special thing for a user and something else for another one. One may look for reviews or a full list of music apps, while others may look for the company that produces it, app experience or to buy one.

Voice search

Very few people type the way they speak, especially when it comes to search queries. When you type, you adopt a sort of stilted shorthand, so you enter something like “weather London” into your search bar. When you speak, you’re more likely to ask the complete question, “What’s the weather like in London?” This pattern holds true with voice search queries as well. Learn more about voice search here.

Use Schema Markup

Help search engines understand the context of your content. This means that you may rank better in normal searches, and you’ll be more relevant in specific queries made through voice search. Use as many schema markup elements as possible and you will dominate the search.

Hackers Use Ransomware To Extort Money From U.S. Businesses

A new article published today by KrebsonSecurity about the hacking of the San Francisco rail system re-confirms that foreign hackers use ransomware to extort money from U.S. businesses. The hacker in the Krebs article has been extorting money from different companies in the amounts of tens or hundred of thousands of dollars. Read the entire article on

Sometimes we may think that, my company is not big enough to catch a hacker’s interest. Wrong. No company is too small or too big for a hacker to extort money from. As the hacking impact may be different for each company, it is interfering with the business operations. It is important that additional security measures are taken to accessing company database and files. Additionally, if you received a ransom request after an attacked, report it immediately to the FBI. Each reporting can be used to identifying the bad guys.

Reporting Ransomware to the FBI

On September 15, FBI published a new Public Service Announcement urging victims of ransomware to report the attacks to the them. Every ransomware report helps the FBI “gain a more comprehensive view of the current threat and its impact on U.S. victims”.

Ransomware creators are currently targeting businesses, not only individuals, causing service disruptions, financial loss, and in some cases, permanent loss of valuable data. In the first months of 2016, FBI reports that the “global ransomware infections were at an all-time high”, estimating 100,000 computers a day being compromised by one ransomware variant. However, an exact number of individual or business victims cannot accurately be identified because many of the ransomware attacks go unreported.

“All ransomware variants pose a threat to individual users and businesses. Recent variants have targeted and compromised vulnerable business servers (rather than individual users) to identify and target hosts, thereby multiplying the number of potential infected servers and devices on a network.”



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5/23/2016: [ALERT] Two Attacks for The Price Of One: Weaponized Document Delivers Ransomware and Potential DDoS Attack

DDoS (distributed denial of service) in ransomware a new trend… Beware of phishing emails! The attack comes as a Rich Text Document (.rtf) file attached to your email. Opening it and running the macro attached to it, will install the ransomware on your computer.

Read the full article for technical details